Years of experience in the start-up of industrial facilities has allowed us to bring technology
from one industry to use in another.

If you have problems with your process we would like to hear about it.

With your centrifuge installation growing older, many items that impact your operation have changed as well. Let us help you identifying these items to assure that your equipment operates at maximum efficiency.

Rising oil prices have impacted cost of polymer, hauling and burning of your sludge as well.
Efficient operation of your equipment is more important to your budget now then ever.

Next to centrifuge applications we have been able to improve and extend the operating time on pump systems as well. Using a specialty coating to extend the life expectancy of impellers and rotors has increased the reliability of the equipment.

Increasing reliability and operating time reduces maintenance and operating cost.

From process evaluation, optimization to solving your process problems
Centrifuge & Pump Services will assist you with a


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